Meyer lemon tart with almond olive oil crust, blackberries. Adapted from Gourmet, May 2008.

Milk chocolate soufflé with nougat cream. Adapted from Bon Appétit, Feb. 2010.

Coconut macaroons, with & without milk chocolate ganache. Adapted from David Lebovitz, June 2005.

Final February baking projects: standby lemon tart, for impromptu Film potluck. Behold a neon curd known to induce marriage proposals.

This was my first soufflé. Successfully halved the recipe from the original 8 servings. Had some egg-incorporating anxiety (do I stop folding, to preserve airiness? or continue, to avoid eventual egg white chunks?), which resulted in stooped soufflés, but the flavor was pleasant if mild -- the full creaminess of the milk chocolate couldn't stand up to the heat -- and the nougat cream, surprisingly delicious. Like a Toblerone.

I had eight egg whites in the fridge for a week after yolking for this lemon poppyseed cake, which I ended up tossing after one sample slice. Total milquetoast; still looking for a bundt recipe worthy of my Heritage pan. Anyway: after comparison shopping macaroon recipes, I'm satisfied with this one. Used Whole Foods' very fine-grated unsweetened coconut, and just-moist hands to roll the chilled, pre-cooked "dough." Slightly crisp outside, dense and chewy inside.

And finally: I just started working at Dozen Cupcakes. Short term, this means I'll be pocketing a steady stream of expired baked gooderie and saying ganache more times a day than anyone should. Long term, I can now meet the food service requirement for admission to CIA. More school! Just kidding. Sort of.


bitchesgetstitches said...

keep the cinnamon rolls comin' lovah

Silpa Swarnapuri said...

And then Top Chef?!
I just stumbled on this, Ms. F... I might have to try some of these recipes myself!